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BioSuds Concentrated Vehicle Wash

BioSuds Concentrated Vehicle Wash

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BioSuds is a safe, proven concentrated vehicle wash which is very economical and great value for money.

A quality cleaner that cleans & shines vehicles efficiently but doesn’t leave drying marks, streaking, or etching on glass. It’s biodegradable and phosphate free, has no volatile organic compounds (VOCs) & has a low aquatic toxicity.

Ready to use diluted at 1:50 for a great foaming wash either through a water blaster or applied with a bucket and brush.

Available in 1 Litre. 5 Litre or 20 Litre sizes.

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  • Eco Friendly

    Made with as few harmful chemicals or solvents as possible.

  • New Zealand Wide

    We ship our products New Zealand wide.

  • Locally Made

    We're proud that all our products are locally made in New Zealand!