Green Kiwi have developed a number of locally made, safe solutions for the asphalt and bitumen industry.

These include:

  • Our Safe Bitumen Remover which we've been providing across the country for the last few years (in a newer formulation which is kinder to paint and plastics).
  •  Safe Slip Agent for lubricating and cleaning truck decks, paving machines and plant equipment.
  • Safe Protecta Wax for protecting the underside of vehicles where build-up of materials can make end of season cleaning more difficult.

And we've recently developed two new solutions due to industry demand:

- Safe Bitumen Quick Break is a new cleaner designed to be used in wash bays - it attracts the bitumen, grease, grime and chemicals and pulls them to the surface to enable easier removal and to help keep the trade waste clean.

- Safe Bitumen Soak is a stronger cleaner designed for use in parts wash or bath to remove stubborn heavy deposits over time. And it's still non-DG & non-flammable so it's a much safer option than solvent based cleaners. Also useful around the plant and on tools.

Green kiwi koru

Why Kiwi Green?

Our mission is to provide kiwi industry partners and businesses with quality eco-friendly cleaning solutions, with as few harmful chemicals or solvents as possible.

We're committed to keeping New Zealand clean and green.

All our products are locally made, so that’s something we're proud of!

To ask about any of our products or order bulk quantity for your business or industry, call us on 0800 35 35 85.