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We are providers of quality, eco-friendly cleaning solutions for businesses and industry partners throughout New Zealand. All our products have as few harmful chemicals or solvents as possible, helping to keep New Zealand clean and green.

Quality. Eco-Friendly. Locally Made.

Tough Moss and Mould Remover

Tough Moss & Mould Removal

Green Kiwi Tough Moss & Mould is a super effective, concentrated, dual quaternary solution designed to eliminate moss, mould, lichen & mildew. Better than most when used correctly, get your's now.

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Weed Blast Concentrated Natural Weedkiller

Weed Blast Natural Weedkiller

Weed Blast is a safe natural weedkiller which uses fatty acids and a knock down penetrant to destroy the cell wall of a broad range of undesireable weeds. It's non-selective and contains no glyphosate which makes it safer on soils.

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  • Safe Graffiti Remover

    Safe Graffiti Remover

    Non DG, non-flammable, safe on surfaces & a pleasant smell for users. Used by contractors across the country because it's nicer to use and it works!

    Safe Graffiti Solutions 
  • Pow R Clean Super Degreaser

    Pow R Clean Super Degreaser

    Really safe concentrated multi use degreaser for all sorts of cleanup of grease, oil, dirt and other grime. One of the best you'll find!

    Pow R Clean 
  • Masonry Magic Oil Stain Remover

    Masonry Magic Oil Stain Remover

    Magicallly and safely remove oil stains & many other marks from concrete surfaces such as driveways & paths - wicks the stain away without impacting on the surface itself.

    Masonry Magic 

Why Green Kiwi?

Our mission is to provide kiwi industry and businesses with quality eco-friendly cleaning solutions, with as few harmful chemicals or solvents as possible.

We're committed to keeping New Zealand clean and green.

All our products are locally made, so that’s something we're proud of!