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Ice Blast Concentrated De-Icing Surface Spray

Ice Blast Concentrated De-Icing Surface Spray

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Ice Blast Surface Spray is a safe, locally made solution (with MPI C21 approval) to reduce winter ice buildup on outdoor foot traffic areas or vertical surfaces, where winter slip hazards are common. 

Concentrated for better value, Ice Blast helps prevent ice formation on almost any surface - 1 litre of concentrate will make 5 litres of surface spray.

Now with MPI C21 approval, Ice Blast is ideal for busy areas of concern such as public accessways, paths, carparks, stairways as well as coolstore chiller curtains, floors, pipes and other areas.

Safe and easy to use, Ice Blast Surface Spray is diluted then sprayed directly onto the surface either before an expected frost or after ice has formed to helps prevent ice formation on almost any surface in areas of concern.

It also has a non streak cleaning profile which makes it ideal for glass and windscreens either as a preventative or for removal of overnight ice build-up.

Safer and totally non corrosive on sensitive areas compared to salt, the spray will sit on the surface for a number of days (depending on traffic and rain) to effectively prevent surface ice from forming (and creating a public hazard) in the first place.

Great for keeping ice away from important equipment or access ways in coolstores and freezers too.

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