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Safe Bitumen Remover (New Formula)

Safe Bitumen Remover (New Formula)

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Safe Bitumen Remover is a recently developed water and plant based solution. This new formula is non-flammable, non dangerous and user friendly. It has been extensively tested and works very well to remove bitumen, emulsion and other tar based products from most surfaces.

Safe Bitumen Remover is great new safe and cost effective alternative to all the petroleum based solvent solutions currently used in the industry, and it's been well proven across the industry for several years now.

Apply with a cloth or spray on, scrub using agitation and wash off with water. Then follow up with our Safe Bitumen Quick Break if you're using a wash bay.

Available in 5 litre, 20 litre or 200 litre sizes, and packs of rugged hand wipes, 

For more info on our Safe Bitumen Remover and Asphalt Cleaning Solutions, download our flyer from here: Bitumen & Asphalt Brochure

And here's a short video on how to use Green Kiwi Safe Bitumen Remover from an internal Fulton Hogan Know How :



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