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Mossinator - Tough Moss & Mould Remover

Mossinator - Tough Moss & Mould Remover

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Tougher than most and concentrated to really work, Mossinator is a tough, concentrated moss and mould remover which eliminates moss, mould, mildew, slime or gunge from most surfaces, both indoor and outdoor with ease. 

  • Non flammable
  • Highly effective
  • Easy to use
  • Highly concentrated

It contains not just one, but two types of chloride to kill mould spores dead and help prevent them reappearing. This gives you a more effective result than many other solutions.

Higher strength than many other options on the market, the longer you keep it damp the longer it will keep on working.

Concentrated for better value - 1 Litre makes up to 40 Litres of quality solution for normal usage, but will dilute to 50:1 for lighter work.

Available in 5 Litre or 20 Litre sizes.

More info on our Mossinator Moss & Mould Killer can be found in this flyer.

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  • Eco Friendly

    Made with as few harmful chemicals or solvents as possible.

  • New Zealand Wide

    We ship our products New Zealand wide.

  • Locally Made

    We're proud that all our products are locally made in New Zealand!