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Safe De-Icer Granules

Safe De-Icer Granules

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Green Kiwi Safe De-Icer Granules are a safe to use, locally made solution to reduce winter ice buildup in foot traffic areas where health & safety is a priority.

Safe De-Icer Granules are easy to apply using a spreader or by hand. They help with ice prevention on almost any surface in areas of concern such as public access ways, paths, carparks or stairways.

Safer and less corrosive on sensitive areas than standard salt, the granules will sit on the surface for a number of days (depending on traffic & rain) to effectively prevent surface ice from forming in the first place, and creating a public hazard.

They can also be spread on existing formed ice to melt it away as you watch.

Safe De-Icer Granules are a cheaper alternative to other imported products which are hard to get and usually sold in much larger quantities.

An ideal solution for use around airport terminals, skifield base buildings, walkways, kindergartens, schools, rest homes, car parks and many other outdoor areas during our harsh winter months.

Available in 15kg buckets , or larger drums if required.

For more info on our Safe De-Icing Granules you can download the product flyer here:

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