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Weed Blast Concentrated Natural Weedkiller

Weed Blast Concentrated Natural Weedkiller

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Weed Blast is a glyphosate free natural herbicide with strong fatty acids that quickly kill the cell walls of a wide range of weeds. A special added penetrant enhances the knock down time further.

Weed Blast is natural based so it is safe to use around pets and children. 

With a lower application rate, it's safer on other plants and soil. The pleasant smell makes it nicer to work with than other options. It is most effective in the heat of the day. 

Used correctly, Weed Blast is a highly effective, safer weed killer for your weed issues, including dock, ragwort, grasses, broadleaf, clover, dandelions, creeping oxalis, hydrocotyle and old man’s beard.

It will also work to remove young gorse, thistles and kikuya grass, but these and others may require a second application within a week to knock back any new growth.

Weed Blast is a great natural option to use around schools, kindergartens, playgrounds, dog parks as well as around your home with your furry friends.

Available in 2 Litre, 5 Litre & 20 Litre sizes. Highly concentrated  - 1 litre makes up to 50L of spray!

For more info on Weed Blast, download our flyer from here: Green Kiwi Weed Blast Natural Weedkiller flyer


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