Safer Concrete Remover

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Safer Concrete Remover is one of the most environmentally friendly products of its kind available in New Zealand. It removes concrete from most surfaces including vehicles, sidings, decks, aluminium window frames, foundations, equipment, tools, plastic, paintwork and even your gummies!
Perfect for removing concrete off concrete mixers, concrete mixing trucks & concrete pumps.  Not for use on zinc, marble, terrazzo, laminates & acid-sensitive surfaces.


While safer than most alternatives, Concrete Remover is still a corrosive solution, so care should be taken.

Heavy Duty: Use undiluted.
Fresh concrete: Dilute 5:1 with water.
Spray or brush on. Agitate or scrub with brush. Rinse off with plenty of clean water.
Note: The wearing of PPE gloves and goggles/face shield is required at all times while using this product.
More information is available on the info sheet here: