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Glass Blast - Glass & Window Cleaner

Glass Blast - Glass & Window Cleaner

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Glass Blast is a natural alternative for cleaning windows and works well on all glass surfaces without leaving streak marks. 

Glass Blast is a spray and wipe formula making it very good on polished benches and ceramic stove tops as it leaves a nice shine. Safe to use on all glass, chrome, appliances or hard surfaces.

Glass Blast is alcohol and ammonia free, so it's safe on the environment.

Comes as a concentrated solution and can be diluted as much as 50%.

Available in a handy 2L hose adaptor, 5L or 20L.

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  • Eco Friendly

    Made with as few harmful chemicals or solvents as possible.

  • New Zealand Wide

    We ship our products New Zealand wide.

  • Locally Made

    We're proud that all our products are locally made in New Zealand!