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Ice Blast Safe Surface, Windscreen & Glass De-Icer

Ice Blast Safe Surface, Windscreen & Glass De-Icer

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Ice Blast is a safe to use surface, windscreen and glass de-icer to help you get ice & snow buildup off your vehicles in winter conditions as well as paths, driveways anf other surfaces.

A safe to use solution, Ice Blast will melt away those icy hazards to improve visibility to help reduce winter risks.

Unlike most other similar products it's non flammable and a non DG, and can also be used on other glass surfaces such as windows and mirrors.

Spray Ice Blast onto your windscreen to melt away ice and clear your vision, or spray the night before a frost to reduce the severity of the ice buildup. Can also be added to your windscreen reservoir. Just wash away any excess with water after use. 

For other surfaces spray liberally and leave to take effect, and wash away if needed.

Comes in a 750ml spray bottle, or 1 litre, 5 litre or 20L refills.

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