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Safe Graffiti Remover

Safe Graffiti Remover

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Graffiti Remover is a unique, new versatile solution which effectively removes not only graffiti and paint but also stickers, glue, gum and other unwanted sticky stuff (like marker pen, crayons, tape, oil or grease). 

Safe Graffiti Remover can also be used on wood, concrete, vinyl, glass or furniture without damaging the surface - and it just washes out with water! 

Whether sprayed or wiped onto a surface, just leave on for several minutes before gently rubbing with a cloth for effective removal. For stubborn graffiti, a repeat application may be needed, and for larger areas, high-pressure cleaning with water will restore surfaces to their original state.

  • Non-flammable
  • Ready to use
  • No harmful solvents

Extensively used by councils and contractors across the country, Graffiti Remover works well on multiple surfaces - signs, walls, vehicles, carpet or upholstery.

Safe to use for workers and friendly on the environment - Safe Graffiti Remover is non flammable, non dangerous, and an economical solution to any unwanted work of art you need to deal with quickly and effectively.

Available in handy tubs of 200 wipes, and the usual 5L or 20L drums.

For more info on our Safe Graffiti Remover you can download the product info flyer.

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  • Eco Friendly

    Made with as few harmful chemicals or solvents as possible.

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