This is to cover the rural freight charge where your delivery address is in a rural location for PBT and you only paid for standard freight with your order.

Note these deliveries are handed to NZ Post so will take a few days longer.

We try to work with non-rural addresses if possible to speed up your delivery and keep costs down, so if you have an alternative non-rural address you can use instead please let us know.

Green kiwi koru

Why Kiwi Green?

Our mission is to provide kiwi industry partners and businesses with quality eco-friendly cleaning solutions, with as few harmful chemicals or solvents as possible.

We're committed to keeping New Zealand clean and green.

All our products are locally made, so that’s something we're proud of!

To ask about any of our products or order bulk quantity for your business or industry, call us on 0800 35 35 85.